Friday, May 06, 2011

Fremont Street and Some Cintiq Quickies

Recently I went to a buffet inside one of the casinos on Fremont street. I must say that I enjoyed the walk in and out more than the crab legs but my wife always has to hit me because I tend to stare at people I think would make good drawing material. I love visiting places where there are bound to be interesting people for me to stare at. I always wish that I had a hidden high resolution camera in my hat to take reference pics. That sounds kinda creepy...but I'm sure I'm not the first artist who has wanted a hat cam. Excuse me, could you look at my hat sir?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hidden Mickey...on a post-it

I wish I could take credit for finding this but that would go to my daughter. The Mickey on a post-it hanging behind the large red bricks of the legoland store in Downtown Disney came from a really cool blog created by Pixar's Aaron Hartline. It is always fun to find a hidden Mickey, especially one that you can take home. Thanks Aaron for adding a little something unexpected to my Disneyland visit.