Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blind Swordsman and his Blue Haired Girl

These designs are part of a story that I have been messing around with. The hero is blind but can see through the eyes of the bird. The blue-haired girl is a water demi goddess of sorts and the hero's love interest. The beastly guy with the bloody sword down a couple of posts is part of the same story. Hopefully I will get around to creating the other characters here soon, especially the other 8 beasts.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Batwinged Minotard

I don't know what to write. This a minotaur of sorts. The only thing that I feel could make this more moody is put a bunch of butchered carebears at the mintaur's feet.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Kickable Eggplant Toad

I hope that when people see this design they feel like toads would be really fun to kick, but I hope no one actually does kick a toad as it would likely kill the toad.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An octopus that wears metal pants

a few minor changes. What background is better? I am leaning toward the darker version.

Flat color works well with my designs but it is far from what I usually imagine when I am drawing them. Unlike most of my designs this image was actually created to be flat colored. I think it turned out pretty cool. I was trying to really push the bright color pallete as much as I could. Bright, bright, and more bright. I will post up a couple more colored animal drawings here quick. My eggplant toad and pinecone owl designs still need a little more color loving before I will post them up.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Characters With Color

One of my favorite themes has always been fish and anything aquatic. This piece was inspired by the art challenge at my work. I had a lot of fun with the shape, colors, and integration of contrasting shapes.

Depression/industrial era hero.

Tambien un tema que me encanta es lucha libre. Viva Santo y el Demonio Azul!!! Me habria gustado eligir un nombre copado por este luchardor, pero nada me viene. Lo llamare Jorge Sanchez el Sucio.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Robotronic rabbit killing arm, Korean grim reaper, Luchador, and more

Rabbit killing bloke. Rabbits, baldness, and robotic arms are some of my favorite themes. Hopefully this image does well to combine them all. I love drawing villains too.

I was feeling very inspired by folklore tales of the Korean grim reaper. I wish I could remember what he is called in Korean...and yes, I know that the kanji isn't Korean. If anyone knows of a good book or site that has images of characters from oriental folklore and myths I would love to hear about it.

Everyone loves a good luchador. I hope to color this guy here soon. Iy you can decipher Mayan glyphs or know anything about mesoamerican symbolism this guy will probably be a bit cooler, but just a little bit.

This is your typical everyday depresion era hero.

She is a girl...with knives. I hate this drawing. I was thinking of not even posting it, but I will just because I know I will never redo it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

La Niña Ghoulsmire

creepy kid for the drawing challenge at my work avalanche software. It was a fun topic.

Here are the quick lines. Not quite as nice as some of my other lines but I figured since they will be painted over it doesn't matter too much.

Like always, any comments and or critiques are appreciated.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Caricatures...Losties and Sitting Bull

Caricatures,not something that I do often, but in the end doing this assignment for my character design class was pretty fun. Some turned out more sucessful than others but all in all I would say these have turned out better than any of my other feeble past attempts.

Henry Gale or Benjamin Linus. You choose.


Sitting bull


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Collage Ape, Redneck Wrestler, A Big Mole, And Some Cartoony Goodness.

Yet another post of character design class assignments. This was supposed to be a creative leave your normal approach to drawing kinda thing. Hopefully I was successful, as I felt I got a lot out of doing these drawings.

The first image below was especially difficult as it was all done with paper and an exacto knife. Collage is so much harder than I remember it being in elementary school. I wanted it to head into an abstract form but still maintain relatively recognizable character traits. This image was very fun to make but very time consuming.

Does it get any better than Redneck wrestlers? This one is closer to my normal approach but I colored it differently than I normally would have. I also tried to use certain shapes in the face, feet, and digits that I wouldn't normally use. My animal inspiration here was a big pink pig.

The mole is the real character. It controls the old woman's thoughts and tells her what to do. I'm sure that anyone with a mole knows what I am talking about...

These last two are very influenced by the countless hours I have spent watching Fosters Home for Imaginary friends. Great cartoon that I would encourage all to watch, but the main reason that I tried going this direction was to eliminate the need for line as much as possible, as it is one of my artistic crutches I tend to lean on.

As always, comments and critiques are welcomed.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tree hat, big noses, and a squishy tentacled slug

I really had fun with the last batch of drawings I did for my chracter design class. Below are my 2 elemental character design. It was interesting trying to incorporate cloud, rock, and tree elements into the designs. I really like how the tree hat-person turned out.

These are more character design assignments. The emphasis was shape drawing. I really like doing this kind of stuff so it never feels like an assignment. I could do it all day and never get bored. I have a couple more that I didn't hand in but will probably finish up and post.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The hunter and the housewife

These are two drawings for my character design class I am taking this fall. I really like how the housewife turned out but would definitely change a few things if I were to redo it. The hunter is less successful but still ok I guess. I had fun doing it, and that is the most important part. Man, that snake is crappy though. The hunter was influenced by the late Steve Erwin. May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cowboys, a Flamethrower, and a Lunchbox

The theme that me and some of the guys I work with are just finishing up with is spagetti western. This first cowboy is my attempt at a stereotypical outlaw/villain.

Unhangable Hank has been shot so many times that his lead filled body snaps every noose that is put around his neck. This and the fact that you can't hang a man without a chin to catch the rope. This is my favorite out of the two westerns I did.

I have always loved to draw homemade weoponry. Growing up in the 80's I got an overdose of post-apocaliptic Mad Maxish/Terminator influence. Mustaches are cool too.

Lunch break.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Barbarians and Pirates

I definetly like this barbarian the best. This was another drawing theme that me and some friends at work did. Viking to barbarian isn't that much of a change but it was fun theme.

Pirate themed. I am a sucker for drawing kids and imaginary friends. This must be the residual excitment from Pirates of the Caribean that I have had since watching the last film.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Viking, this time a bit more serious.

I liked the last Viking that I drew and decided to do another. I built on the design that I already made and with a few adjustments came up with a little bit meaner version.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Magnor the Merciless

This is my viking for the weekly draw theme that has ended up being more like a monthly drawing theme. I might try giving him some color or maybe a little value. I love drawing vikings.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


This was the right before the final cyclops. He was almost there but still lacked a little something that I think was nailed pretty well in the final design

Too chameleon, and definetly too slow and dumb looking to be Rico.

Funny, but too earthly influenced.

This guy was one of the first cyclops designs.

This was one of the designs that helped us nail down what we didn't want the cow character to be like.

This gladiator was way too spare parts for the liking of the class. He is kind of like a big furry burrito with arms, legs, and a snake head.

These are some of the many drawings I did for the little boy in the short.

These where the drawings of the mom that I did. The one on the far right is pretty close to the one that will be in the short.