Tuesday, November 24, 2009

...and More Darkstalkers Sketch Ideas

Got a new computer here at work a few days ago and have been cleaning out random folders where I had archived junk...I am such am image pack rat. I was actually toying around with the idea of doing bb hood for my Darkstalkers tribute entry. Never got past the idea stage but I thought I would post them up anyway. A bit more refined than some of my other studies in comparison. I find that the less certain I am about an idea the more I tend to noodle it. Enjoy.


joverine said...

wooOOt darkstalkers ftmfw! luvin' this page-top right I think is my fav
I've got some sketches of lil' red also that I'm too lazy to scan :P


Joe said...

Can't wait to see your sketches. Post em up!

Ken Chandler said...

Little Red as serial killer... hmmm. Bit of a stretch, glad you went with the Yeti-- incredible designs all around.

Sting said...

Love your style! :)

Alina Chau said...

Love the design!

Joe said...

thanks for the comments.

Ken: I think bb hood is a secret undercover agent in the game....I think. She was never my favorite when I was younger.

Anonymous said...

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