Saturday, July 22, 2006


This was the right before the final cyclops. He was almost there but still lacked a little something that I think was nailed pretty well in the final design

Too chameleon, and definetly too slow and dumb looking to be Rico.

Funny, but too earthly influenced.

This guy was one of the first cyclops designs.

This was one of the designs that helped us nail down what we didn't want the cow character to be like.

This gladiator was way too spare parts for the liking of the class. He is kind of like a big furry burrito with arms, legs, and a snake head.

These are some of the many drawings I did for the little boy in the short.

These where the drawings of the mom that I did. The one on the far right is pretty close to the one that will be in the short.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gladiators and spectators that almost were.

I really liked the shapey head this guy had going, but he was obviouslly too serious for the style. A bit too devil looking too.

This was by far my favorite spectator idea for the short. We eventually decided on a similar version that had three eyes, but I still like this one the best. I still think it would have been awesome to have a stadiium full of eyes.

This one was really close to being cool. The six eyes and long snout made me happy. Can't remember specifically why this guy wasn't chosen, but he was cut pretty early.

The group consensus was that this gladiatur was too gross to be in the short.

Before I went with the more eel-looking race, I had thought that they would be interesting if they had an earthwormish appearance. They would have looked cool with a nice paritally transparent eathworm texture. I still like this idea.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Edit: Darkened down the sky. Makes it more moody.

I have always been obsessed with oceanic and aquatic life so a lot of my sketchbook drawings turn into marine creatures. This was a sketch out of my book that I thought would be fun to color. I still don't feel like it is finished, but it is getting there. Hopefully I'll finish it here soon.

Here is the original sketch.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Originally our project had a funny gag with a pet dog peeing on a gladiator that looked like a fire hydrant. This part was cut out due to story changes. I still had fun drawing the dogs though. I never got to the point that any of them got refined and finished but some of them where good starts and could have turned to into a cool character. I should draw more animals.